Our dairy is a crucial economic enterprise on the farm where we add value to our milk. The dairy serves the community with milk, butter, yoghurt and cheeses. Excess is sold at the local market and farm stalls and now also to shops as far as Stellenbosch and Cape Town.

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Estate Garden Team

The estate gardening team work on maintaining gardens and landscaping on the property. They take great pride in ensuring that the homes have neat gardens and that all communal areas and walkways are well maintained. From time to time they also fill in

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Egg Garden

About 300 chickens enjoy rotational grazing in four large fields, which are managed with biodynamic and permaculture principles. These forage fields are planted up specifically for their culinary and medicinal needs.

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We started out as a crafts workshop, and have now incorporated arts for those whose talents are better suited to it. We strive to see to every resident’s needs and capabilities, and also continually expose them to new skills to somewhat broaden their horizons.

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The Farm Team

28 Hectares of our farm are dedicated to pasture for our jersey and brown swiss herd, which are managed on organic and biodynamic principles. This means that our cows have a very happy and natural life as part of a sustainable farming ecosystem.

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Herb Garden

We grow both culinary and medicinal herbs - altogether 49 different species. All our herbs are harvested and processed by hand, and then dried naturally in our workshop. We make our own compost for the garden from discarded plant material and never use poison or insecticide.

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