The Farm Team

28 Hectares of our farm are dedicated to pasture for our jersey and brown swiss herd, which are managed on organic and biodynamic principles. This means that our cows have a very happy and natural life as part of a sustainable farming ecosystem.

The farm team are responsible for many vital functions of life here at Camphill. Every day the cows are milked and led out to a choice pasture. The barn where the milking cows sleep at night is bedded with fresh wood chips and straw in a deep litter system, which is made into compost twice a year. The 'dry' cows are given some hay and in the rare event that a calf needs bottle feeding the farm team will also look after this.

The biodynamic pastures receive a lot of attention. Any unwanted weeds are taken out manually, and alien tree clearing is an ongoing concern. The wood is cut and chopped for fire wood to keep our houses warm in winter, and the smaller branches and leaves are mulched for compost and for weed suppression in the gardens.