Our Way of Living

We are a residential facility where adults with intellectual and cognitive disabilities enjoy quality of life and meaningful work.

At Camphill Farm Community every person – however complex their individual needs may be - is valued as a unique being, is responsible for his or her own life, is striving towards being acknowledged as an individual and is able to govern the happiness of his or her everyday life.

We embrace people with complex needs, creating everyday lives, in which each  person is respected as a worthy, contributing citizen. This new perception includes many kinds of relationships and opportunities to participate, contribute, learn, work, celebrate, enjoy, relax, love and be loved, be safe and pursue our dreams.

It must be appreciated that a person with complex needs has to contend with many imposed and hidden difficulties. The message we are putting out every day is: “You are not alone. Together we can make a difference by being a force of change and we can thus improve our own circumstances. Whatever support you need we will give you”

It is our daily endeavour to put all this into practise, while recognizing that such an ideal will not be achieved in one day.


Camphill Farm Community Hermanus

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